Friday, January 28, 2011

Angels Among Us, Journal Entry #4

21 January 2011

Holy Father,

From what I hear, we are nearing the Pennsylvania and Maryland border, apparently nearing Cumberland.

What a beautiful area this is Lord- snow covered mountains and a winding river that we seem to be traveling along. Thank you for the beauty of your creation Lord!

I just got done eating in the Dining Car a little while ago. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, a biscuit, home fries, bacon, an apple juice and a milk. It was a delicious meal. Another thing I learned about riding a train, is that when you go to the Dining Car they actually sit you with people- complete strangers in fact. I had the honor and privilege of eating breakfast with an elderly gentleman, who was in his eighties or so. He was so sweet and it was a pleasure making his acquaintance. He told me about his family- his wife passed away fourteen months ago, he has one grandson the same age as I am, and several other grandchildren and great grandchildren. He is very proud of his children and grandchildren. He gave me the same advice he gave all his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren- "Do with your life what you love best, and do it with passion. Don't ever get discouraged, stay on the right road, and you will do great things with your life." I probably will never see this man again, but I wish I could tell him how deeply he blessed my life through our brief conversation. Thank you Lord for sharing one of your angels with me today.

Love Always,

Bobby Rhea

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  1. A lovely story to cherish! It appears your angel told you what you truly needed to hear at this time. May God continue to bless your journey!