Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty In The Sounds, Journal Entry #3

21 January 2011

O Holy One,

We just stopped in Pittsburgh and are on our way to the next stop. It seems the snow is following us Lord- and that's ok. I find great beauty in the snow.

I'm realizing the beauty of a train is not only in the sights out the window but also the sounds I hear. We just travelled through a tunnel, and the echo of the train going over the tracks was amazing Lord. I also hear the sound of the train horn, and that is a sound that has always mesmerized me.

They say the dining car will be open for breakfast at six thirty. I think I may go and get me something to eat.

Love Always,

Bobby Rhea

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  1. Bob...I am enjoying these vignettes. I just want you to know I am reading these, even if I don't comment.